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Create an Active Directory account with local administrative privileges.

Define Exchange credentials

Non-Domain Account

Local accounts (Non-Domain) cannot access Exchange Management interfaces and therefore are not supported by AppInsight for Exchange. Please select an Active Directory account or create a new one to use with AppInsight for Exchange.

Add Local Administrative privileges to an Active Directory account

  1. On the server where you wish to grant local administrative privileges, open a Computer Management console.
    Note: On Windows 2012, add this privilege using the Active Directory console.
  2. Click System Tools > Local Users and Groups > Groups and double click the Administrators group.
  3. Click Add and type in the Active Directory username of the account you want to grant administrative privileges and then press Enter. (Ensure the location is set to either the domain where the account is located or Entire Directory.)
  4. Click Apply and then click OK button.
    Note: Alternatively, you can add an Active Directory group to the local administrators group and add the Active Directory user accounts to that group.
  5. Configure AppInsight for Exchange by clicking Configure Server.