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All Applications Tree

The All Applications tree resource provides a tree view of all the assigned application monitors. You can quickly review applications with their status in expandable groups, expanding and collapsing to at-a-glance review by node, application monitor template, or custom property. To expand or collapse a section of the tree, you toggle the [+].

Through the displayed monitor data, you can click on different links to view additional information or open those detail pages:

  • Click the node name to navigate to the Node Details page.
  • Click the assigned application monitor name to navigate to the SolarWinds SAM Application Details page.
  • Click Manage Applications to edit, unmanage, remanage, or delete assigned application monitors.

You can click Edit to customize the resource:

  • The title and the subtitle
  • The "group by" selection for each of the 3 levels of grouping
  • The method to use for assigning nodes with null values for the grouping property
  • Option to Remember Expanded Groups for display. Selecting this option saves the expanded state for a group in the tree. The next time you view the resource, the trees display with those groups expanded.
  • The Filter Applications (SWQL) query to limit the list of applications displayed. Use this option to limit the amount of displayed tree components based on your SQL query statements.