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Add new Application Monitors

The Add New Application Monitors page allows you to assign templates to nodes. You can access this wizard through the web console clicking Settings > All Settings > SAM Settings > Add New Application Monitors. The wizard walks you through the process to add the applications monitors to nodes, setting credentials, and testing the connections.

  1. Access the Add New Application Monitors wizard through Settings > All Settings > SAM Settings.
  2. Select an application template you want to monitor. You can use the Show only drop-down list to filter through the options. Click on a monitor name to get a quick look at the included component monitors and description.
  3. Click Next to assign the application template to one or more nodes. You can filter through the list of nodes through Group By or search. To add, select a node and click the green arrow to add them to the list.
  4. Click Next to set any required credentials and test the connection. When complete, the application template will supply data to the node details.

    If your components in an application monitor each need separate credentials, you cannot configure that from the Add New Application Monitor wizard. You must edit the application monitor after creating it, and configure the credentials of each component separately.