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Active Application Alerts

This Active Application Alerts resource lists any alerts generated by assigned application monitors. The information for each alert includes the time the alert fired, the node on which it was triggered, the name of the application monitor that caused the alert, and the alert message.

You can select and view additional information through each alert to investigate:

  • Click the node name to navigate to the Node Details page.
  • Click the application monitor name to navigate to the SolarWinds SAM Application Details page.
  • Click Edit to change the title and subtitle of the resource.

You can use browsing buttons to move through pages of alerts if your system detects and captures a high volume of alerts.

You can click Edit on the resource instance to customize:

  • Title and subtitle
  • Option to Show Acknowledged Alerts. If selected, alerts you acknowledged and handled also display. This option is disabled by default, only showing the unacknowledged alerts needing attention.