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View database details

The Database Manager provides details per database to review current information. If the SQL server hosting your database is not listed, you should add the database.

  1. Start the Database Manager in the SolarWinds Orion > Advanced Features program folder.
  2. If the SQL Server hosting your SolarWinds Orion database is not listed in the left pane, add the SQL Server hosting your Orion database.
  3. Click + in the left pane to expand the SQL Server hosting your SolarWinds Orion database, and right-click the database.

    The default database name is SolarWindsOrion.

  4. Click Database Details.
    • The Properties tab shows general statistics and descriptions of the selected database.
    • The Tables tab lists the tables and their respective sizes.
    • If you have not yet made a backup of the database, the Last Backup field on the Properties tab is blank.