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SQL Filter Syntax Examples

The following sections detail how to filter in SQL by using the most frequently requested examples.


The wildcard character in SQL syntax is: *.

Example: NodesData.Caption Like 'AX3*'

Filtering by Custom Property

The property syntax to filter by custom property is:


Example filter to only show nodes with the custom property City that matches Atlanta:

NodesCustomProperties.CustomProperty.City = 'Atlanta'


Example filter to show only Cisco devices:

Vendor = 'Cisco'

Example filter to show data only from component monitors named Server Load Monitor:

Monitor.Name like 'Server Load Monitor'

Example filter to show data from devices beginning with "AX3":

NodesData.Caption Like 'AX3*'

Example filter to show only Nortel devices that are Down:

Vendor Like 'Nortel*' AND Status=2

Filtering by Status

To filter by the status property, you must know the valid status levels.

Level Status
0 Unknown
1 Up
2 Down
3 Warning
14 Critical

Example filter to only show monitors that are not down: