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Refining Global Search with available filters

The Refine Further section in the Orion Global Search view provides default filtering options based on the keyword you entered. You can find their properties and their values available in the results of the current search.

In most cases, default filters include the object type (for example Nodes, Interfaces, Components, SqlServerApplication, and so on), and their status (for example Disabled, Down, Up, Unknown).

This feature is Technical Preview. Any functionality in this feature may be subject to change upon official release. This feature is not fully supported at this time and should be used carefully.

To refine search results:

  1. Log into the Orion Web Console and execute a global search.
  2. In the Refine Search section, select the items which you want to have in the results.
  3. Click Update results.

The results will now only show items corresponding with the selected properties. Applied properties display below the search field.

Removing a property filter

If you have refined your filter too much, or need to apply a different approach to filtering, you can remove properties used for filtering.

To remove a filter, locate the filter below the search field, and click x for property filters that you do not want to apply on the search results any more.