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Orion Global Search query syntax

Orion Global Search allows you to specify the information you are looking for by entering a query into the search box.

This feature is Technical Preview. Any functionality in this feature may be subject to change upon official release. This feature is not fully supported at this time and should be used carefully.

Supported queries consist of database field names (also called properties) and database field values. These can be further connected by logical operators.

The Orion Global Search field requires the following syntax:

[database field name]:[field value] [LOGICAL OPERATOR] [database field name]:[field value]


Orion.Nodes.StatusDescription:"Node status is Up." AND Orion.Nodes.Vendor:Windows

This query returns all Cisco nodes that are down.

For more information about automatic suggestions provided for any input into the global search field, see Auto-completing queries and properties in Orion Global Search.