Global Search View

The Global Search view allows you to search for information in your syslogs, traps, events, alerts, and for information about nodes, interfaces, and volumes monitored in NPM.

Simply enter an appropriate string into the global search field and click Search. For more information, see Search syslogs, traps and objects monitored in the Orion Web Console globally.

This feature is Technical Preview. Any functionality in this feature may be subject to change upon official release. This feature is not fully supported at this time and should be used carefully.

What else can I do in the Global Search View?

  • Specify the search by a query, using the auto-suggest function. For more information, see Orion Global Search query syntax and Auto-completing queries and properties in Orion Global Search.
  • Specify the time period relevant for the search. For more information, see Adjust the time period.
  • Refine the search with available default filters. For more information, see Refining Global Search with available filters.
  • Add properties to search for. For more information, see Adding more properties for filtering search results.
  • Remove a property used in the current search.
    Locate the property which you want to remove from the search below the search line and click x to remove it.
  • Display more information about results.

    • To display information about an object in the results list, position the cursor over it. A tooltip displays with relevant information about the object. For nodes, relevant details might include the status, polling IP address, machine type, average response time, packet loss, and CPU load.
    • To view events and alerts concerning the object, click the + before the item in the results list.