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Cloud Instance/VM Details resource

This resource displays basic details for a cloud instance/VM and includes expandable sections with configuration, hardware, and security metrics retrieved from the Amazon CloudWatch monitoring service for AWS instances and the Azure Monitor service for Azure VMs.

To access this resource from the Cloud Summary page, click an instance/VM displayed in the Cloud Instance/VM Status Summary resource or the Cloud Server Infrastructure resource. You can also access this resource by clicking a cloud instance/VM on other Orion Web Console pages. For example, click an instance/VM managed as a node in the All Nodes resource on the Orion Summary Home page.

The title and contents of cloud-based resources depend on whether an AWS instance or Azure VM is selected.

Cloud metrics gathered by cloud service APIs and retrieved by the Orion Platform vary from OS metrics. See Cloud metrics vs. OS metrics.

Click the following options to display additional information:

  • Configuration details
  • Hardware details
  • Security details.