Getting Started > Web-based License Manager > Activate licenses online

Activate licenses with Internet access

The License Manager automatically detects whether your Orion server has access to the Internet, or whether it is offline.

  1. Click Settings > All Settings.
  2. Click License Manager in the Details section.

    Sort the licenses by product name, product version, license type, or expiration date to quickly find a license.

    If you license your product before you install it, click Add/Upgrade License, enter the details, and complete the activation to see the license in the License Manager.

  3. Click Activate.
  4. Enter the activation key.
    1. Click Customer Portal, and log in using your Customer ID and password, or your individual user account information.

      If you do not know your SolarWinds Customer ID and password or individual profile details, contact Customer Support and submit a ticket.

    2. On the top menu bar, click License Management > License Management.
    3. Click the plus sign next to the SolarWinds product to display your activation key.
    4. Copy the unregistered activation key, and paste it into the Activation Key field in the License Manager Activate window.
  5. Enter registration details, and click Activate.
  6. The license type, the expiration date, the assigned server, and the license key are displayed in the License Manager.