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Auto-completing queries and properties in Orion Global Search

Orion Global Search has a powerful auto-complete feature which helps you specify what information you are looking for in logs and NPM. The auto-complete feature suggests available properties and modifiers which you can use to tailor a query to suit your needs.

This feature is Technical Preview. Any functionality in this feature may be subject to change upon official release. This feature is not fully supported at this time and should be used carefully.

Auto-suggestions include:

  • Field names from the Orion database. These are object properties that can be used to design a search query for Orion Global Search.
  • Logical operators that allow you to combine multiple properties, such as AND, OR, or NOT.

    Auto-suggestions only include available properties, not values available for them. To be able to use auto-suggestions, you need to add an appropriate value to limit the search results by.

To specify a search using auto-complete:

  1. Log on to the Orion Web Console and execute an Orion Global Search.
  2. Now in the Global Search view, start typing a value or property you want to search for. A list of suggestions will display below the search field.
  3. Use the arrow keys to move in the list and press <Enter> to add the selected suggestion into the search field.
  4. Fill in the required field value to be searched for.
  5. If you want to further specify your query, use a logical operator, such as AND. Then you can add another field name and value that you are interested in finding.