Adding more properties for filtering search results

You can further limit Orion Global Search results to display information related only to objects with specified properties. This can be done by adding a filter property and specifying values which should be included in the results.

For example, you might want to see log and NPM information only for loopback interfaces.

This feature is Technical Preview. Any functionality in this feature may be subject to change upon official release. This feature is not fully supported at this time and should be used carefully.

  1. Log on to the Orion Web Console and execute an Orion Global search.
  2. Now in the Global Search view, click Add Filter Property.
  3. Select the appropriate Orion Object in the Available Columns list, and then select the required property in the Database Column name table.

    Example: To search for loopback interfaces information, select Interface in the Orion Object list, and then select Interface Type Description.

  4. Click Add Filter Property.

    The selected property with available values will display in the Refine Further area.

    Example: If you selected Interface Type Description, it will display in the Refine Further area, with all available values, such as loopback, Ethernet, ppp, and so on.

  5. Select one or more property values by which you want to limit the search results, and then click Update Results.

    Example: If you are interested only in results concerning loopback interfaces, select loopback below Interface Type Description, and update the results.

The selected filters display below the search field. If you want to exclude the selected property from filtering the results again, click x next to the appropriate property.

The Refine Further area displays only the properties and values that are available in your SolarWinds Orion database and in your logs.