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Network selection

Define the network using IP ranges, subnets, IP addresses, active directories, or using a combination of the options.

When the definition is complete, click Next.

Define IP ranges

Click Add Range, provide Start and End address.

Define subnets as starting points for the discovery

SolarWinds NPM polls all IP addresses within the designated subnet, using the SNMP version defined on the SNMP Credentials page to discover network devices for monitoring.

Click Add > Subnet in the Subnets section, and provide the subnet IP address in the CIDR format, such as

Define seed routers as starting points for the discovery

SolarWinds NPM reads the routing table of the designated router and discovers devices on the class A network ( mask) containing the seed router, and class C networks ( mask) containing all interfaces on the seed router. You need appropriate SNMP credentials.

  1. Click Add > Seed router in the Subnets section.
  2. Provide the seed router IP address in the CIDR format.
  3. Select existing SNMP credentials or click Add New to define new SNMP credentials set.
  4. Click Scan Router.

IP Addresses

List IPv4 or IPv6 addresses to define nodes you want to discover. Type one IP address per line.

Active Directory

Query your Active Directory Domain Controllers for registered servers.

Click Add Active Directory Domain Controller to query and provide the domain controller information.