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Network Map

This resource displays a selected map in the Orion Web Console. If a user is not permitted to see nodes on the map, they are hidden.

Click Edit to change the following properties of the resource:

  • Title and Subtitle.
  • Select network map.
  • Scale the network map 10% - 250%.
  • Show Network Atlas Download Link provides a download link in the resource, allowing users to download and run the Network Atlas program to edit the maps. This may be a security risk because Network Atlas can reveal the existence of nodes users may not have permission to see.
  • Customize Map Tooltips provide text when users point to certain map objects. You can specify combinations of alert variables and custom properties. For example, enter ${NodeName}${CR}${StatusDescription} in the Orion.Nodes field to see a tooltip containing the name and status of the node objects you point to.