Administer > Monitor your network > Monitor devices with SolarWinds Orion agents > View the status of agent plug-ins

View the status of agent plug-ins

  1. Click Settings > All Settings in the menu bar.
  2. Under Node & Group Management, click Manage Agents.
  3. Select an agent, and click More Actions > View installed agent plug-ins.

If you think a plug-in should be available and cannot find it in the list, you may need to review your purchased products or manually update your agent. New plug-ins and updates to existing plug-ins are installed when an agent is updated. It may take a few minutes before the status changes.

Up to 20 plug-ins are deployed simultaneously at a time.

Plug-ins are deployed and removed as needed when you enable and disable features. It is normal for agents to have different plug-ins.

Status Meaning
The plug-in is installed

The plug-in is installed, working correctly, and communicating with no problems.

Installation Pending

The plug-in is waiting to be deployed. It may be waiting for the computer it is installed on to reboot, or because some other process on the remote host has interrupted the installation process.


The status is unknown due to networking interruptions, communication problems with the agent, or because the plug-in is no longer installed.


The plug-in may have installed incorrectly or failed to load.

In Progress The plug-in is either being installed or uninstalled.