Add maps into the Orion Web Console

Network Atlas is an application for creating custom maps and network diagrams. Network Atlas Maps are most useful for mapping network infrastructure, however, some customers use this feature to map business services and composite applications that are static.

You can export or print maps, and view them in the Orion Web Console

The example below shows how to add a Network Atlas map to the Orion Web Console.

You need View Customization rights to add maps.

  1. Open the view where you want to add a map.
  2. If the Map resource is not on the view, click Customize Page and add the resource.

  3. Click Edit in the Map resource.

    On the Edit page, you can select Display Cached Map While the New Map Is Being Loaded. Enabling this option can improve performance of maps containing many nested objects that must be queried for status each time the map is refreshed.

  4. Select your map, and click Submit.

    Your map in now visible in the Orion Web Console.