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Why is interface data obsolete?

If your interface resources display a message that the data is obsolete, the interface data has not been updated during several subsequent polls.

By default, the message is triggered by 3 subsequent polls where the interface data was not updated.

To change the default interface obsolescence settings:

  1. Navigate to Polling Statistics Intervals (Settings > Polling Settings in the Thresholds and Polling section).
  2. Enter the appropriate number of subsequent polls where interface data does not update into the Interface data obsolete after x polls.
  3. Click Submit to apply your changes.

Once data for an interface does not get updated during the specified number of polls, interface resources will display a warning message.

What triggers the "Interface is obsolete" message?

There are various reasons why interface data is not updated during subsequent polls. The following section lists some possible issues and suggests appropriate troubleshooting steps.

Node or interface is unmanaged

Make sure the both the interface and the appropriate node are managed in SolarWinds NPM.
If they are not, click go to the appropriate Management resource and click Remanage. For more information, see Suspend data collection or alerts for nodes in Maintenance Mode or Suspend collecting data for interfaces.

Polling issues

Make sure polling works for other interfaces on the same node.

Target machine does not respond

Make sure that the appropriate node is up and running.

MS SQL Server issues

Make sure that the MS SQL database is up and running.