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What privileges do I need?

Using WMI for discovering your network requires that you specify WMI credentials for an account with administrative privileges for the target server.

WMI Account Requirements

  • The account must have administrative privileges on the target server. Only accounts with administrator rights have the necessary permissions to access the target server's WMI services.
  • If the administrator account is a domain member, specify both the user name and the domain in the Microsoft syntax, such as:
  • DOMAIN\Administrator

See "How to create a non-administrator user for SAM polling" for more information about using a non-administrator account for polling.


For UDT to poll for user login data, the account that UDT uses must be a member of Event Log Readers on a AD Domain Controller.


Provide the account name in the following syntax: domainOrComputerName\userName for domain level authentication or userName for workgroup level authentication.