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Universal Device Poller Summary Chart

Provides a chart detailing a selected Universal Device Poller statistic over a specific time period.

Customize the chart

Click Edit to specify or modify the chart.

Chart Titles and Subtitles

Customize chart titles as necessary. A title is generated automatically if the Title field is left empty.

Displayed Universal Device Poller

The Select a Universal Device Poller menu lists currently defined Universal Device Pollers that are applicable to the viewed network device. If a poller chart is not displayed, select the poller to display from this menu.

Displayed rows (for tabular pollers)

If the selected poller is tabular, the polled rows are listed. In the Select Rows to Check the rows you want to display on the poller chart.

Chart Format, Chart Type, Time Period, and Sample Interval.

These options allow you to specify the type of chart displayed, the time period for which the chart shows data, and the sample interval on which data is summarized. A single point or bar is plotted for each designated sample interval.

The Rate chart type displays "delta since last poll/time since last poll". The Standard chart type displays "delta since last poll". The chart type is not useful for Rate pollers or Raw value pollers.

Plot Color for Bars and Lines

You may select a color for the bar‑ or line‑charted data plotted on the graph, or select (Custom), and then enter a hex value for the custom color.

Calculated lines

Add lines to the chart representing important values so that you know at first sight when the values are getting near to an important level.

Click Edit, select a line, and submit your changes. The lines will be displayed in the chart.

Show trend

Select Show a Trend Line to display a line representing potential future results. This line is extrapolated from collected historical data, and is thus only an approximate prediction of future data.

Trend lines on charts are intended as approximate predictions of future data. This is because there are many reasons that can affect the performance of devices on your network.

Percentile 95th

Select Show the 95th Percentile line to include a line marking the 95th percentile for the data collected over the indicated time period.


If auto-hide is enabled, this chart resource only displays when the selected Universal Device Poller is assigned to the viewed network device.


Drop-down menu options

To quickly modify the chart, select any of the following options from the drop-down menu:

  • View chart data over the Last 7 Days
  • View chart data over the Last 30 Days
  • Select Edit Chart to open the Custom Chart page for customizing the presentation of this chart.
  • View Chart Data as an HTML‑formatted document
  • View Chart Data in Excel to see chart data in an Excel™‑compatible format

Custom Chart page

Click the chart to open the Custom Chart Page. This page shows the chart with a number of customization options in the Customize Chart area.