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Universal Device Poller Gauge

Provides a linear or radial gauge detailing the current status of a Universal Device Poller statistic.

Customize the gauge

Click Edit, make your changes, and click Submit.

Specify the poller

  1. Select a poller in the Universal Device Poller list.
  2. Adjust the minimum and maximum value for the gauge.

Advanced customization options

Click Show to display the options if they are hidden.

  • Auto-Scale Gauge: Select On if you want to automatically create the legend for the gauge (the number of ticks and their label is selected automatically.
  • Specify the number of labeled ticks you want to see on the gauge. For example, if you enter 3, the minimum value, the maximum value and one value in the middle of the range will display on the gauge.
  • Add custom legend: Add comma separated lists for customized labels on the gauge face, such as 0,2k,4k... or Cool,Warm,Hot,Warning,Danger.
  • Specify what area of the gauge is colored red and bold red to indicate warning and error thresholds.
  • Automatically hide resource if the selected poller is not assigned to the object.
  • Reverse thresholds: Set this On if low values indicate warning or error conditions.

After you have configured all options, click Submit to apply your changes.