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Traffic & Percent Utilization of Each Interface Resource

This resource gives you a list of all interfaces associated with the currently viewed node. For each interface, this resource provides the following information:

  • An icon and label indicating interface status, where green is Up, yellow is Unknown, and red is Down.
  • The name of the interface with an icon indicating its type.
  • Click an interface name to open the Details view for the interface.

  • Transmit and Receive traffic levels with percent utilization values.
  • Click the Transmit or Receive percent utilization values to open the Custom Chart page with the metric for the interface.

    If you have SolarWinds Toolset installed on the computer you are using to view the Orion Web Console, you can click an icon to open the Real-Time Bandwidth gauge. See Toolset Webhelp for more information.

Edit the resource

Click Edit to edit the resource Title and Subtitle.

You can also select a sorting criteria in the Sort By field.

When you are finished editing the resource, click Submit.