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Top Capacity Problems

This resource lists nodes with the most severe capacity problems, showing nodes whose capacity usage trend is rising in the fastest way.

Table Legend

Column Explanation
Node The hostname or IP address, and the node status icon.

The problematic node, volume or interface, and the metric with rising usage trend.


The forecast of time in which usage will reach the warning threshold.


The forecast of time in which usage will reach the critical threshold.

At capacity

The forecast of time in which all available capacity will be fully used.

Edit the resource

  1. Click Edit.
  2. Make the changes:
    • Change the Title and Subtitle.
    • Adjust the number of items you want to see in the resource.
    • To filter capacity problems shown in the resource, type an SQL query specifying what you want to display into the Filter field.
      See Filter nodes in resources using SQL queries or click Show Filter Examples.
    • Make sure that all problems which you want to see in the resource are selected in the Include These Metrics section:
      • CPU Load
      • Percent Memory Usage
      • Percent Disk Usage
      • Interface Receive Utilization
      • Interface Transmit Utilization
  3. Click Submit.