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Search for Interfaces Resource

Search for monitored interfaces using any of the following database fields as criteria:

  • Administrative Status
  • Universal Device Poller Name
  • Device Type
  • Interface Alias
  • Interface Caption
  • Interface Name
  • MAC Address
  • Node & Interface Name
  • Node Name
  • Status

Enter a search string and click Search to query the SolarWinds Orion database for a list of matching interfaces.

You can use the wildcards (*, ?), as follows:
Cisco*, 10.15.*.*, W?ndows, Server-*, *.SolarWinds.Net

Each interface is listed by name with an administrative status icon under the name of its parent node.

Click an interface name or a parent node name to open the details page for the device with further diagnostic details.

Customize the resource

Click Edit to edit the resource Title and Subtitle.