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SwitchStack® Members

The resource lists all members of the SwitchStack, with details about their model, serial number, MAC address, RAM, and CPU.

Consult the resource to find out the MAC address or serial number of a switch with issues to quickly replace or troubleshoot the problem on the device.

By default, the list is sorted by caption. To sort the list according to another option, click the column title.

Icon Meaning
Master switch for data.
Standby switch for data. If the master switch fails, the standby takes over operations.
Master switch for power.

See Monitor Cisco® SwitchStack®.

Cannot see CPU or memory for a stack member?

CPU and memory information for individual switches is polled with the CISCO-Process-MIB poller. The SwitchStack must support the OIDs included in the poller.

When your SwitchStack does not support the poller, you can try upgrading the operating system on the switch.

When the SwitchStack does not support the poller, you cannot see CPU/memory for individual stack members. You can only see the average CPU/memory for all switches in the stack. On the SwitchStack node details view, click the Vital Stats subview, and consult the Average CPU Load & Memory resource.