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Health Monitors

When you have defined load balancing health monitors on your F5 device, you can consult this resource to determine the health of load balancing environment used for provisioning services by the F5 server, or the selected pool member.

If a monitor is not up, consult the status reason.

The Port helps you identify the service in question.

You can find the resource on F5 server details views, and on pool member details view. The view type is reflected in the resource name.


If the resource displays no or incorrect data, follow the instructions in the message.

Make sure that the following items are true.

  • The F5 device supports iControl.
  • iControl is enabled for the node, and correct credentials are provided. See Enable iControl on F5 load balancers.
  • The correct port is provided for iControl. On the node details page for the device, scroll down to F5 iControl Settings, expand Advanced, and verify that correct port is provided.
  • Hardware health monitors are configured on the device.

iControl API server down

Verify the status of the F5 device where the LTM module is installed.

SSL certificate issues

Install valid SSL certificates for F5 iControl, or click Accept Certificate to create a security exception for the certificates.

SolarWinds recommends that you install a valid SSL certificate for F5 iControl.

Accepting invalid SSL certificates is a possible security issue. Use the button only if the connection between polling engines and the F5 device is secure.

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