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High Availability

When high availability is configured on the device, this resource displays a list of nodes in the same high availability group. Details include the polling IP, HA status, and synchronization status.

Click a node name to go to the node details view for more information.

Why is a piece of information not available?

We only have a limited set of data about the devices in the group, such as the device name, group name and the failover status. Other details, such as the polling address, correct device/node status, or the sync status are only available if the devices in the group are monitored by Orion.

Why does the Polling IP show an incorrect value?

If the node is accessible under several IP addresses, the value in the resource represents the primary address of the monitored node.

Why do I see incorrect or duplicated records?

The resource gets some details from other monitored nodes. Each node is identified by SysName. If this value is not unique in the Nodes table, this resource might show incorrect or duplicated details.