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DNS Resolutions

The resource displays the number of DNS resolutions per second for the selected service over a set time period.

You can use the graph in presentations for your managers or teams. Click Export, customize the chart, and click Export to XLS, Export to HTML, or Export to PDF (top-right corner).

Customize the chart

Click Edit, specify what the chart should display, and click Submit.

Specify the time interval used for calculating top items

In Amount of Historical Data to Load, select the time interval used for calculating the top items.

Specify the default time interval shown by the chart

Select a time interval in the Default Zoom Range list.

Specify what a single point in the chart stands for

In Sample Interval, select a frequency. Data collected during the specified interval will be summarized and displayed as a single point or bar in the in the chart.

Add chart labels

Click Advanced and insert text or variables displayed as the title and subtitle for the chart.


When the resource is gray, SolarWinds NPM could not successfully poll the device.

Check out the polling frequency, and if more time than the polling frequency has elapsed since the device was added, make sure the F5 poller is enabled.

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