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Overall EnergyWise Savings Chart

This chart displays the difference between the maximum amount of power that can be consumed and the actual amount of power that is consumed by all EnergyWise‑enabled devices on your network as a percentage of the maximum amount of power that can be consumed.

  • Graphed bars represent average savings over the designated sample interval.
  • Maximum and actual power consumption may be equivalent if you have not yet enabled an EnergyWise management policy on your network.

Customize the chart

Drop-down menu options

To quickly modify the chart, select any of the following options from the drop-down menu:

  • View chart data over the Last 7 Days
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  • View Chart Data as an HTML‑formatted document
  • View Chart Data in Excel to see chart data in an Excel™‑compatible format

Custom Chart page

Click the chart to open the Custom Chart Page. This page shows the chart with a number of customization options in the Customize Chart area.

Edit page

Click Edit to select the chart type, time period or sample interval shown in the chart. See Edit resource for information about further customization options.