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SolarWinds NPM Network Overview

The Network Overview provides a list of all network devices monitored by SolarWinds NPM. Status icons to the left of each listed node provide information regarding a selected property of each node. Interfaces on each node, represented by their own status icons, are listed to the right of their respective parent nodes. Hover over an icon to view further details above the list. A legend for each property is provided at the bottom of the view.

The node icon provides a visual indication of node status with respect to any of the following node properties, as selected in the Nodes field:

Node Property

Response Time

Average Response Time

Maximum Response Time

CPU Load

Percent of Memory Used

Percent Packet Loss

Machine Type

Node Status

The interface icons provide visual indications of interface status with respect to any of the following interface properties, as selected in the Interfaces field:

Interface Property

Interface Percent Utilization

Interface Type

Interface Errors and Discards Today

Interface Errors and Discards This Hour

Interface Status

Interface Traffic

Node status icons reflect the worst state of all monitored devices for which the selected node is a parent. As a result, it is possible that a properly functional node may display a red status icon, indicating a problem, if an interface on the selected node is not functioning properly.

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