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Node Details Resource

The Node Details resource presents a table of general operational and administrative information and actions for the selected node.

The Management row provides direct links to the following node management actions for the viewed node:

The following table provides a description of each of the other statistics that are given in the Node Details resource.



Node Status

If the selected node is operational, Node Status displays a green icon. If the node is down, Node Status displays a red icon.

IP Address

The IP address of the selected node

Dynamic IP

Is the IP address of this node assigned dynamically?

Machine Type

System architecture of the selected node


The domain name of the selected node

System Name

The local network name of the selected node


Hardware and software specifications of the selected node


The geographic location of the selected node, if provided


Administrative contact for the selected node, if provided

Last Boot

The day, date, and time of the last node reboot

Operating System

Operating system version used by the selected node

IOS Image

Cisco Internetwork Operating System version on the selected node, if applicable


States whether the selected node is physical or virtual, if determinable

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