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Network Map Resource

The Network Map resource displays a selected map within the Orion Web Console.

You will only see nodes and their connections if you have the permission to see them.

Change the map

The Map resource provides a list of all maps created with the Network Atlas, both network maps and wireless heat maps.

  1. Click Edit.
  2. Now in the Select map area, select the map.
  3. Click Submit.

Further options available in the resource depend on whether the selected map is a network map or a wireless heat map.

For more information about wireless heat maps, see Create wireless heat maps.

Customize the resource

Click Edit, specify the options, and submit your changes.


Specify the title of the resource.


Specify the subtitle of the resource.

Select map

Select the map to display in the resource.

Zoom 10% to 250%

Specify the scaling factor of the map displayed in the resource.

Show color legend on the map

Select the box to display the color legend on your map.

Show Network Atlas Download Link

Select the box to provide a download link in the resource allowing users to download and run the Network Atlas program to edit the maps. Allowing users to download and run Network Atlas may be a security risk because Network Atlas can reveal the existence of nodes users may not have permission to see.

Display cached map while the new map is being loaded

Select the box if you want to display the cached map when a new map is being regenerated.

Advanced feature: Map Tooltips

Specify a tooltip text displayed when users hover over certain map objects.

Click Customize map tooltips, and provide a combination of alert variables and custom properties for appropriate entity types.


To see a tooltip containing the name and status of node objects you hover over, enter ${NodeName}${CR}${StatusDescription} in the Nodes field.