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Management resource

The Management resource provides direct links to node management actions for the viewed node.

Edit Node

Click Edit Node to directly edit node properties, including the node name and IP address, SNMP version information, polling intervals, and defined custom properties.

List Resources

Click List Resources to view the interfaces and volumes on the node and select the interface charts, interfaces, and volumes on the node to monitor.


Click Pollers to select a custom statistic to be polled on the node.

Poll Now

Click Poll Now to initiate an immediate, unscheduled SNMP poll of the viewed node.


Click Rediscover to complete an interface rediscovery on the viewed node to update all interface indexes.
The Rediscover option also updates node data such as machine type, system name, or location. This information does not often change.

MIB Browser

Click MIB Browser to open the MIB tree of available OIDs on the device.

Add New Alert

Click Add New Alert to create a new alert specific for the node on whose details page the resource is.


Click SSH to open the terminal to log in to the device using SSH. See Access nodes using HTTP, SSH, and Telnet.

Performance Analyzer

Click Performance Analyzer to open default metrics for the node in a PerfStack™ dashboard. Featured metrics include Average CPU load, Average percent memory used, alerts, events, or status.

Maintenance Mode

Click Maintenance Mode to set the management state of the viewed node:

  • Click Stop polling the node to suspend data collection.
  • Click Mute Alerts to suspend triggering alerts for the node.
  • Click Schedule to specify or adjust the time period or maintenance mode.

Click Edit to edit the resource Title and Subtitle.