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List Resources

Review resources available on the node, select interfaces and volumes for monitoring, and specify charts for viewing the node, interface and volume data in the Orion Web Console.

Use the buttons in the Select bar to quickly select the interfaces, volumes, and charts that you want to monitor.

Select what should be monitored on the node, such as H Hardware Health Sensors, Routing, F5 Big-IP, Topology. These options depend on the node.

View utilization charts for the node in the Orion Web Console

Select CPU and Memory Utilization.

Select volumes to be monitored on the node

  1. Expand Volume Utilization to view volumes on the node.
  2. Select Volume Utilization to make volume utilization resources available in the Orion Web Console. All volumes on the node will be automatically selected.
  3. Clear boxes for volumes you do not want to monitor.
  4. When you cannot see the Volume Utilization, no volumes were discovered on the node.

Select interfaces to be monitored

  1. Select the interfaces you want to monitor on the node.
  2. Expand an interface and select the charts you want to view in the Orion Web Console.
  3. Selecting an interface without expanding it automatically selects all interface charts for the selected interface.