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Interfaces with High Percent Utilization

This resource provides a list of monitored interfaces operating at a percent utilization greater than the threshold set on the SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor Thresholds page.

Interfaces with high percent utilization are listed in this resource with their parent nodes, a status icon, the interface name, and the percent utilization of the interface at last poll.

We have upgraded this resource to include paging and search functions. If you used SQL filters to limit displayed interfaces, the resource was not upgraded. You will see (no paging) in the resource title.

To use the new search and paging functions in addition to the filter, add the Interfaces with High Percent Utilization resource, and rewrite the filter in SWQL.

How do I customize the interface utilization percentage that makes an interface show up in this resource?

  1. In the Orion Web Console, navigate to Settings through Settings > All Settings.
  2. Click NPM Thresholds in the Thresholds & Polling grouping.
  3. Change the Interface Percent Utilization threshold levels.
  4. Interfaces whose utilization exceeds the percentage set as the critical or warning threshold for Interface Percent Utilization will appear in the resource, marked with the appropriate color.

Display additional information

  • Click an interface name to open the Interface Details view for the selected interface.
  • Click a reported percent utilization to open the corresponding Percent Utilization chart for the selected interface.

Customize the resource

  1. Click Edit.
  2. Adjust the title or subtitle as necessary.
  3. Specify how many items you want to have on one page.
  4. Provide a SWQL filter that limits displayed interfaces. See General SWQL guidelines.
  5. Click Submit.
  6. The resource now displays interfaces according to your settings.