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F5 Device Throughput

This chart provides a count of all data received and transmitted by the viewed F5 device over a custom time period.

Customize the chart

Click Edit, specify what the chart should display, and click Submit.

Specify the default time interval shown by the chart

Select a time interval in the Default Zoom Range list to define the overall time window for your chart. You can zoom in to shorter time periods.

Specify the time interval used for calculating what items will be displayed

In Amount of Historical Data to Load, select the time interval used for calculating the displayed items.

If there was a peak in data two weeks ago, you will not see it on the chart when a shorter time period, such as Past Week or Past 24 hours is selected.

Specify what a single point in the chart stands for

In Sample Interval, select a frequency. Data collected during the specified interval will be summarized and displayed as a single point or bar in the in the chart.

Display calculated lines

Add lines to the chart representing important values so that you know at first sight when displayed values are getting near to an important level.

  1. Click Edit.
  2. In Calculated Series, select the line to be displayed in the chart.
    • Select Show a Trend Line to display a line representing potential future results.

      This line is extrapolated from collected historical data, and is thus only an approximate prediction of future data.

    • Select Show the 95th Percentile line to include a line marking the 95th percentile for the data collected over the indicated time period. See 95th Percentile Calculations.
  3. Click Submit.
  4. The selected line will be displayed in the chart.


When the resource is gray, SolarWinds NPM could not successfully poll the device.

Check out the polling frequency, and if more time than the polling frequency has elapsed since the device was added, make sure the F5 poller is enabled.