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EnergyWise Policy Overview Calendar Resource

The EnergyWise Policy Overview Calendar resource provides a visual record of policy‑ or configuration‑based power level assignments for the viewed entity. EnergyWise recurrence policies assign power levels on an hourly basis, and this resource reports the assigned power levels, by the hour, for the viewed node over a selected week.

  • All time references are in terms of the viewed entity and are not necessarily the time of the SolarWinds NPM server.
  • Policies are set either on the monitored device or with a configuration management utility, such as SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager.
  • Each power level has a corresponding color and label that are indicated in the Legend for EnergyWise Power Levels located below the policy calendar.

Select the calendar week to display from the Select Week menu above the policy calendar.

Click Edit to edit the resource Title and Subtitle.