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Edit Volume

Edit configuration settings for the volume. The default settings are set when the parent node of the volume is added for monitoring.

Change volume name

Type the new name in Volume Name. Available only if a single volume is selected.

Changing the volume name only affects the way the volume is identified on charts and graphs within System Manager and in the Orion Web Console. It does not impact the volume as it is referenced on the network.

Customize polling intervals for the volume

Enter how often the volume(s) should be polled for status and statistics.

  • In Volume Status Polling, specify the period for status checks on the selected volume in seconds. By default, this is 120 seconds.
  • In Collect Statistics Every, specify the interval for determining performance statistics on the volume, in minutes. By default, it is 15 minutes.

Customize capacity planning thresholds

Customize the percentage of disk use whose reaching will make the volume status change to warning or critical. See Customize capacity forecasting settings for volumes:

  1. Select Override Orion Capacity Thresholds.
  2. Adjust the Warning and Critical percentage. When the volume usage reaches the percentage, the volume status will change to warning or critical.
  3. Select the trend calculation method.