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Custom Object Resource

You can configure the resource to show specific data for any monitored Orion object.

Select custom objects and resources

  1. Click Edit in the Custom Object resource.
  2. Select an object type in the list, for example Nodes.
  3. Click Select Object.
  4. Find and select the objects(s) in the Available Objects section, click the green arrow to move the selected object(s) to the Selected Objects pane, and click Submit. The objects will display on the Edit Resource view, together with further configuration options.
  5. Configure the resource as required, and submit your settings. You will now see the data displayed in the resource using your options.

Available custom resources

A Custom Object resource may be configured to provide the same data as any of the following resources for a selected network object.

The following list is not comprehensive. Available resources depend on the Orion Platform products installed.