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All Wireless Heat Maps

This resource lists all wireless heat maps created in the Network Atlas.

The wireless heat maps overview provides the following details for individual wireless heat maps:

  • Thumbnail
  • Map name
  • Number of access points on the map
  • Number of signal samples on the map
  • Date and time when the map was last generated

For more information about creating wireless heat maps, see Create wireless heat maps.

Click a wireless heat map to open the map in a separate view, displaying the map and a list of access points used in the map.

Update wireless heat maps in the Orion Web Console

By default, wireless heat maps displayed in the Orion Web Console are regenerated automatically every 24 hours.

To customize the time for regenerating your wireless heat maps or the frequency of polling wireless signal strength on wireless controllers, go to Orion Polling Settings (Settings > All Settings > Polling Settings), scroll down, and then change the default settings in the Wireless Heat Map section.

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