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All VSAN Nodes Resource

This resource provides a list of all monitored VSANs on your network.

Expand a VSAN to view all monitored nodes in the selected VSAN.

Expand a node to view all monitored interfaces on the selected node.

Click an object name to open the object details view.

Customize the resource

  1. Click Edit, and configure the resource title and subtitle.

    If you leave the Subtitle blank, it automatically generates a label specifying the node grouping criteria.

  2. Specify how the nodes should be grouped. Select grouping criteria for up to 3 levels.
  3. Specify how the nodes with no values specified for the selected grouping property should be displayed.

    By default, nodes reporting null values for any group level are automatically grouped in the [Unknown] group for that group level. If you want nodes reporting null values to be listed, instead, ungrouped at the bottom of the node list for the null level, select At the bottom of the list, in no group after selecting group Level 1 and Level 2.

  4. To limit objects displayed in the resource, enter a SQL query into the Filter field.
  5. When you are finished editing the resource, click Submit.