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Add Node - Choose Resources

Select specific interfaces, volumes, or statistics that you want to monitor on the added node. You can also choose the node, interface, and volume charts available on the node's Node Detail page.

Buttons in the Select: toolbar allow you to quickly select the interfaces, volumes, and charts that you want SolarWinds NPM to monitor.

Some options are not available if volumes are not discovered on the node.

  1. Select CPU and Memory Utilization to view utilization charts for the node.
  2. To monitor volumes on the node, expand Volume Utilization to view available volumes, and select the volumes to monitor.
  3. To make volume utilization resources available in the web console, select Volume Utilization.

    Selecting Volume Utilization without clicking + automatically selects all volumes for monitoring.

  4. Select the interfaces you want to monitor.
  5. To view traffic or error charts for any selected interface, expand the interface and select the charts you want to view in the web console.
  6. Selecting an interface without expanding it automatically selects all interface charts for the interface.

  7. Click Next to continue.