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Access Point Details

The Access Point Details resource presents a table of general operational and administrative information for the selected node.

Access Point Details Statistics



Access Point Station ID

The station id or description of the access point.

IP Address

The IP address of the selected node

Station Type

The designated station type of the AP

Radio Standard

The defined standard the AP is using


The domain name of the selected node

Radio Type

Displays the type of radio in use

Regulatory Domain

The configured regulatory domain


The manufacturer of the access point

Access point Model

The model of the access point

Access Point Version

The version of the access point

Current Channel

Displays the channel currently in use by the AP

Auto Select Channel

Indicates if Auto Select Channel is enabled or not

Transmit Antenna

The antenna used for transmitting data

Antenna Diversity

Displays the antenna diversity setting

Current Transmit Power Level

The current power level used for transmitting data

Transmit Data Rates

The transmit data rate setting

Receive Data Rates

The receive data rate setting

Maximum Client Stations

The maximum number of clients that can connect to the AP

Beacon Period

The beacon time period (in milliseconds)

Wireless Encryption Enabled

Indicates if wireless encryption is enabled or not

Max WEP Data Rate

Displays the maximum data transfer rate for WEP

Cisco Extensions Enabled

Indicates if Cisco extensions are enabled or not

VoIP Enabled

Indicates if VoIP can be configured on the AP or not

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