Edit database fields

You can edit database fields in the Database Manager. We do not recommend changing values directly in the database unless clearly directed to do so by Support or as completed by a DBA. As you make changes and capture data through the Orion Web Console, this data saves safely to the database.

Table editing should only be performed by a database administrator (DBA) or other expert user. Changes made directly in your database can jeopardize the integrity of your data.

SolarWinds recommends that you change database settings and values using the Settings with your Orion Web Console.

  1. Start the Database Manager in the SolarWinds Orion > Advanced Features program folder.
  2. If the SQL Server hosting your SolarWinds Orion database is not listed in the left pane, add the SQL Server hosting the database. See Add a server to Database Manager.
  3. Expand the SQL Server hosting your SolarWinds Orion database in the left pane, and expand the SolarWinds Orion database.
  4. The default database name is SolarWinds Orion.

  5. Right‑click a table, and click Table Details.
  6. Adjust the default SQL query or create a new one, and click Execute.

    The default SQL query lists the contents of the table.

  7. To edit the data in a table, click Enable Table Editing, and edit the fields in the table.