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Customize charts

If the chart has a drop-down menu in its top line, the following edit options apply.

Custom chart drop-down menu options

  • View chart data over the Last 7 Days or over the Last 30 Days.
  • Select Edit Chart or click on the chart to open the chart resort in a new tab.
  • View Chart Data as an HTML format document.
  • View Chart Data in Excel to see chart data in an Excel™‑compatible format.

Edit the chart

If you click Edit Chart from the drop-down menu or click on the chart, the chart resource opens in a new tab and you can edit the following:


Enter or edit a title for this resource.


Enter or edit an optional subtitle for the resource.

Other options depend on the chart type.

    Calculated series: Show a trend line

    Select the box to display a trend line on the graph. This shows potential future results as extrapolated from collected historical data.

    The trend lines are only intended as approximate predictions of future data.

    Calculated series: Show the sum of all data series

    Check this box if you want to display the sum of all data series in the form of stacked bars or lines.

    Calculated Series: Show the 95th percentile line

    Check this box to show the 95th percentile line. This is a well-known statistical standard used to discard maximum spikes, based on 5 minute data samples. The calculation gathers these values every 5 minutes for however long you select, throwing away the top 5% so as to yield the 95th percentile value.

    Maximum Number of Items to Display:

    Enter the highest number of items you want to display in this chart.

Time periods: Default zoom range

Select the default range of data to be displayed from the drop-down list.

Time periods: Amount of historical data to load

Select the amount of historical data to load from the drop-down list.

Time periods: Sample interval

Select the sample interval to be used from the drop-down list. Each sample interval is represented on a chart by a single point or bar. Data within a selected sample interval is summarized automatically.

Advanced: Chart title

Enter a title to appear above the chart.

Advanced: Chart Subtitle

Enter an optional subtitle to appear beneath the chart title. The default is ${ZoomRange], which shows the selected zoom range.