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CPU Load Gauge

This resource displays a linear or radial gauge of the percentage load on the CPU of the selected node over the current monitoring period. Reported values are updated regularly, on the Polling Interval.

To find out when the next poll is due, go to the Polling Details resource for the node, and check out the Next Poll.


Thresholds specify which part of the gauge is highlighted as warning or critical values. You can change the warning and critical thresholds.

Click Thresholds, and adjust the critical and warning levels for the metric. This change will be applied on all monitored objects.

Change the type and size of the gauge

  1. Click Edit to open the Custom Type Gauges page.
  2. Edit the resource Title and Subtitle, select the gauge style and size, and click Submit.
  3. Available gauge styles are shown in the lower field at 100% sizing. Gauges may be sized over the range 30‑250% of the displayed size.

To switch from linear to radial gauges, you need to add the resource version you want to the view. Click Customize Page, and add the radial or linear gauge. Remove the other version.