What's New in Database Performance Analyzer

NEW! in v11.0 March 14, 2017

Azure SQL database monitoring supported

Get the same great monitoring for your SQL Server infrastructure, no matter where it lives!

Learn More: Azure Sql Server Performance

Amazon RDS Aurora monitoring supported

Monitor the fastest-growing RDS database on Amazon. Get to those hard-to-reach places!

Learn More: AWS DPA

AG status at the tip of your fingers

Get the status of your Always On Availability Group with the simple click of a button.

Learn More: Database Performance Analyzer SQL Server

Support for Oracle adaptive plans

Make sure you know what the Oracle optimizer is doing to your execution plans. We now support adaptive plans.

Learn More: Database Performance Analyzer Oracle Monitoring Tuning

Upgrade to Database Performance Analyzer 11.0

Existing customers who are under maintenance can upgrade to version 11.0 to get the latest features.


v10.2October 4, 2016

Support for Oracle 12c and multitenant environments

  • Blocking and deadlock analysis
  • Added MySQL as a supported repository
  • AD/LDAP wizard

v10.1 February 2, 2016

Support for Oracle 12c and multitenant environments

  • Simplify Oracle performance monitoring in your multitenant environment
  • Accelerate the performance of Oracle PDBs
  • Track database movement using DPA's auto annotation and alerting features
  • Identify performance issues inside the PDBs

v10.0 Sept 8, 2015

The fastest way to optimize performance of databases now available for MySQL including Percona, MariaDB and Aurora

Quickly identify the source of MySQL performance bottlenecks with Multi-Dimensional Performance Analysis™.

June 2, 2015

SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer 9.2 integrates with the SolarWinds Orion technology, including Server & Application Monitor (SAM) 6.2.1.

Monitor applications, databases, and server performance – either on physical servers or virtualized from Orion- drill down to the database to find the root cause of slow application performance. Learn More

March 10, 2015

Database Performance Analyzer 9.1 helps identify bottlenecks on databases running on AWS, including EC2 and RDS, and also provides advice on how to best resolve these issues.

In addition, you get features that benefit SQL Server®, Oracle®, DB2®, and SAP® ASE, regardless of the deployment mode: on-premises, virtualization (VMware®), or in the Cloud. Learn More