Database Performance Analyzer for MySQL

The fastest way to identify and fix MySQL performance tuning and monitoring problems

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  1. Single dashboard provides a view across hybrid IT environments and supports a mix of database engines and deployment options

    Optimize MySQL, Oracle®SQL Server®DB2®, and SAP ASE® deployed anywhere. Reduce operational costs deploying on Azure® or AWS® (including Aurora database), and use MySQL for the repository.

  2. Multi-dimensional performance analysis is an extremely fast way to identify the root cause of poor application performance.

    With advanced wait-time analytics, stop guessing and drill down into your MySQL® to find the exact cause of performance bottlenecks. Agentless architecture. Safe to use in production.

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Key Features

  • Visibility into database operations down to the second

    Know exactly what's happening in your database: wait times, plans, queries, resources and changes


  • Less finger-pointing and more collaboration across teams

    DBAs, developers, and server teams get access to a single and complete version of the truth

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  • Historical information, trends and dynamic baselines

    Go back in time to find out the root cause of problems. Dynamic baselines identify anomalies to watch

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  • Multi-dimensional analysis isolates the root cause of issues

    Correlate wait times, queries, users, files, plans, objects, and time to pinpoint problems

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  • Real-world performance from dozens or hundreds of instances

    Agentless architecture with read-only rights is safe to use in production systems


  • Get expert advice to solve issues

    DPA provides expert advice on how to solve issues for professionals of all skill levels

  • Detailed blocking analysis

    DPA displays root blockers and total waits to keep tuning focused on critical queries

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  • Latest MySQL support and repository

    Supports MySQL Community 5.6, 5.7 and Percona 5.6. And host the repository database on a MySQL instance


More Features

Proactively monitor MySQL with automated reporting and alerting

Proactive monitoring and automated alerts help warn you whenever performance degradation occurs.

Identify normal operating thresholds with resource metrics baselines

Resource metrics baselines help you identify the server's contribution to poor database performance.

MySQL performance tuning

MySQL tuning is often the fastest way to accelerate the performance. While most monitoring tools look at server health only, a true performance analysis tool focuses on response time. DPA’s multi-dimensional database performance analysis correlates database activity, wait times, SQL statements, application requests, and other dimensions to help pinpoint the exact cause of database slowdowns. It presents the results in easy-to-understand bar charts with alarms that lead to more detailed data surrounding an issue. Tuning advisors point to problems that need immediate attention, and provide clear, actionable tuning advice.

Tuning advisors provide clear and actionable advice

Tuning advisors point toward problems that need immediate focus, and provide clear, actionable advice.

View DPA analysis and metrics within SolarWinds Orion® interface

Get database performance in the context of specific applications inside SolarWinds® SAM.

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Avoid additional licensing fees

Help ensure top MySQL performance and reduce overall operational costs when you deploy Database Performance Analyzer in the cloud. By using a free MySQL repository, you can avoid additional licensing fees.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

What is the biggest benefit of using SolarWinds DPA?

"SolarWinds DPA is better than any other that I’ve seen. Multi-dimensional analysis is awesome."

How would you describe SolarWinds DPA to a colleague?

“SolarWinds DPA makes you look like a genius.”

Kevin McCool

Database Administrator (DBA), MBI Solutions

Source: TechValidate. TVID: 504-D70-7F3

What is the biggest benefit of using SolarWinds DPA?

“The biggest benefit of using SolarWinds DPA is fast root cause analysis on application performance issues.”

How would you describe SolarWinds DPA to a colleague?

“SolarWinds DPA is an intuitive and easy to use tool that allows anyone to see inside an enterprise DB system while it is running.”

Carlos Jofre

IT Director, NCL Corporation Ltd.

Source: TechValidate. TVID: 36B-B7C-890

What is the biggest benefit of using SolarWinds DPA?

“SolarWinds DPA changes the job from ‘figuring out what to fix’ to ‘fixing it.”

How would you describe SolarWinds DPA to a colleague?

“The fastest way to get from ‘I don’t know what’s wrong’ to fixing what’s wrong.”

Chris Miller

Data Services Manager, VinSolutions

Source: TechValidate. TVID: 272-20F-C6C

System Requirements

Hard Drive

3GB / monitored instance



Java Virtual Machine




Supported Instances

Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Aurora, MariaDB, DB2, SAP ASE on all platforms (on-premises, virtualized, and cloud)

Operating System

Windows®, Linux® or UNIX®

Database Repository

Database Repository MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server on all platforms (on-premises, physical, virtual or cloud)

Web Browser

IE, Firefox, and Chrome


System Requirements specified are for less than 20 monitored instances, additional resources may be required for larger deployments


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