Why did SolarWinds buy Tek-Tools’ technology?

Technologies like virtualization and cloud computing combined with business forces like “lean IT” are putting pressure on IT organizations to rethink their management approach. Virtualization is driving more storage to the network, which is blending the role of the storage and network teams. Systems administrators have to be more “network-aware,” storage teams must tighten integration with the virtualization teams, and network engineers need visibility beyond the routers and switches they manage today.

We are responding to overwhelming customer demand to provide deeper management visibility into networked storage and virtualized environments. Today’s IT organizations need a complete picture to meet their end-to-end IT management needs, and they need it to be affordable and easy to use.

Tek-Tools’ Profiler suite of products delivers visibility into the performance of storage and virtualized server infrastructures. The acquisition of Tek-Tools’ assets and addition of their offerings to the SolarWinds Orion product line will add management of enterprise storage infrastructure to existing network and applications management capabilities, delivering an end-to-end IT management solution.

Who is Tek-Tools?

Tek-Tools, Inc. is a leading provider of storage resource management solutions serving customers from the Fortune 50 to the Fortune 1000 across every major vertical market. Its flagship Profiler Suite delivers visibility into the performance of storage and virtualized server infrastructures.

The company has offices in Dallas, TX and Chennai, India.

Will SolarWinds continue to support and sell Tek-Tools’ products?

Yes. We will continue to develop, sell and support Tek-Tools’ Profiler suite.

In the coming weeks and months, we will offer additional insight into how the two companies’ offerings will work together to offer IT organizations a powerful, affordable end to end IT management solution that offers deeper visibility into networked storage and virtualized environments.

What are the key Tek-Tools products of interest to SolarWinds?

SolarWinds is particularly interested in leveraging Tek-Tools’ storage infrastructure management products to extend the network and applications management foundation we have built in our product portfolio.

Will the Tek-Tools products be integrated into SolarWinds offerings?

Yes, we believe there are valuable integration opportunities for Tek-Tools products.

We expect to have additional details on the integration of the Profiler and Orion product suites in the coming weeks and months.

How do Tek-Tools’ products fit specifically within the SolarWinds product lines?

The acquisition and integration of Tek-Tools extends our portfolio to include Storage Management, providing end to end management of network, application, and storage performance for virtualized IT environments.

Are any SolarWinds products being End-of-Life’d as part of this acquisition?


How can I contact SolarWinds regarding Tek-Tools products and support?

For now, Tek-Tools’ products will continue to be available from Tek-Tools and select channel partners. For more information on Tek-Tools and the company’s portfolio of storage and virtualization management solutions, visit or call 888-835-8665.

Additionally, support for Tek-Tools products will continue to be handled by Tek-Tools. For support-related questions, email or call 1-888-TEK-TOOL (835-8665). Current Tek-Tools Customers will be notified of any changes to their maintenance program.

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