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New User Community Site Thwack Unveiled by SolarWinds

Designed by Network Engineers for Network Engineers to Encourage Collaboration and Knowledge Share

Interop, LAS VEGAS, NV - May 22, 2007 - SolarWinds, a leader in network management software, today unveiled Thwack, a web based community site powered by network engineers and SolarWinds users. The site was developed by network engineers for network engineers including seventeen of SolarWinds customers, which make up the Community Site Advisory Board. To view or participate go to

Thwack was designed to enable network engineers to leverage SolarWinds extensive resources for effective network management; collaborate with other SolarWinds users, and encourage knowledge sharing across broader network management initiatives. Key features of the site include:

  • Interactive SolarWinds-specific and general network management industry forums.
  • Content file sharing - scripts, banners, images, network maps and configuration files.
  • Free network management tools from SolarWinds and others.
  • Links to SolarWinds technical support, tutorials, knowledgebase, and more.

"The concept of being able to share content such as custom MIBs, Cirrus Scripts, Map Scripts and other SolarWinds content is exciting," said Community Site Advisor Craig Deutsher, at General Communications. "Thwack will provide different setup scenarios and access to script examples. This will assist other SolarWinds customers to view and utilize the full potential of the products. Thwack will also be a valuable resource to the general network management community due to the extensive content and tips and tricks related to network management and networking capabilities available on the site."

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